Dispersers and vertical mixers

These mixers are the ideal solutions for applications like:

  • Mural painting, plastic coating, polish, paint, anti-rust treatments
  • Inks, colorants, solutions
  • Stuccos, resines, abrasive materials, glues in general
  • Plastisol and polyurethanes
  • Cosmetic products
  • Fluid and semifluid products

The available range includes:

  • Mixers and dispersers with mechanical or hydraulic drive systems
  • Mixers suitable to work under vacuum or at ambient pressure
  • Compatibility with a very wide range of accessories and devices for what regards the mixing blades profiles, the side scrapers, the mixing tanks (with our without heating/cooling jacket), the automation and the electronic supervisory systems for a perfect management of the whole mixing cycle.
  • Stand supported mixers
  • Hydraulic slow speed mixers
  • Stationery tank and movable mixing head systems
  • Movable tanks with vertical oscillating mixing shafts and blades during the mixing cycle.
  • Configurations with single or multiple mixing shafts whereas each of them can be equipped with different mixing blades profiles.
  • Continuous degassing units
  • Batch degassing units
  • Batch as well as in-line degassing units

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